Wax Emulsions & Paraffin Wax Products


Custom Wax Emulsion Producer for Over 20 Years

Manufacturing wax emulsions and paraffin wax products for over 20 years, A&W Products remains one of the Southeast’s industrial leaders in wax emulsions. We are dedicated to developing and producing the highest quality wax emulsions and paraffin wax products for our customers.

Why We Are Different

The performance results you get from wax emulsions depend a great deal on the manufactured quality of the emulsion or dispersion from your supplier. Important requirements are the purity of the wax raw material and the control of the emulsion process.

Unlike many wax emulsion suppliers, A & W Products uses high-quality, domestic sources for all of our base waxes. Imported waxes can vary in physical properties from location to location and batch to batch. This lack of consistency can be costly. Savings garnered from buying the least expensive product often go unrealized when loads are returned because the product is separating, or worse, problems are discovered after use in the end product.

Our experienced technical consultants can help you formulate with our wax emulsions so that you achieve the performance goals with your product. We can provide samples to see how our emulsions work with your application. We can also customize a wax emulsion that is similar, but more cost effective, than the product you are currently using.