Let Us Make Your Product

A & W Products can provide toll manufacturing services from our facility in Bishop, Georgia. We have multiple production lines at our plant, making it the ideal location to manufacture and warehouse your product.

We have ample indoor warehouse space with over 200,000 gallons of tank storage. Our tanks are insulated with steam coils to maintain a desired temperature. We can ship product via truck or rail in totes, drums, or bulk quantities.

Processing Equipment

Our processing equipment includes homogenization units that have an output of 6000 psi @ 1400 gal/hr, a 250 hp steam boiler reaching a maximum temperature of 220° F. We have numerous stainless steel mixers that provide both mechanical and pump mixing. Product can be cool through the cooling tower.

The Lab

For quality testing we have a laboratory for particle size analysis, ph, specific gravity testing, viscosity, and other physical characteristics of fluids. We also have a laboratory homogenizer for product development.

The Results

The benefits of using a toll manufacturing company have never been greater. Choosing a toll manufacturer can help companies save be reducing workforce. They can also save on transportation costs by having a regional plant making the product and avoid expensive transportation costs. At A & W Products, you will be assured that you will get the same quality your customers require, on-time delivery, and resources in product development.

Our toll manufacturing customers are also provided with a complete inventory of the product and raw materials they have on site at A & W on a monthly bases.

Please contact us for a complete equipment list, or if you have a question about specific manufacturing capabilities. We have the ability to install customer supplied equipment to accommodate specific requirements.