Wax Emulsions FAQ

Our paraffin wax emulsions and wax products make the perfect protective coating for wood. Our wax emulsions and paraffin wax products also offer a host of other applications.

What is a wax emulsion?

A wax emulsion is a mixture of wax, emulsifier, and water, that includes no solvents. Wax emulsion particle size is typically less than one micron.

Do you provide toll manufacturing?

Yes, we can provide custom blending of waxes or toll manufacturing for any product that requires mixing, blending, homogenization.

What is your production capacity?

We operate independent production lines, allowing us to make multiple products or have backup production capabilities.

How are your products shipped?

We have our own fleet of transport tankers for bulk delivery. We deliver anywhere in the Southeastern U.S., including Georgia, Alabama, South Carolina, North Caroline, Florida, Tennessee, and Kentucky. We also have van trailers for shipping 55 gallon drums and pallet tanks. Any other delivery would be made by common carrier. We typically deliver within 24 hours of order. We also offer customer pick-up.

Do you keep products in stock?

Yes! We keep some products in stock at all times. We also keep some of our customers’ formulations in stock.

Can A&W custom formulate an emulsion?

Yes, we have formulation chemists to provide assistance with your specific application. Our staff can create a product from the customer’s set of specifications or from a customer sample of the desired product.

What type of wax does A&W use?

We stock three kinds of wax for our emulsions: carnuba, slack wax, and microcrystallines. There are many different types of wzxes on the market, each having different specifications and properties. We can access any type of wax needed for every application. A newer type of emulsion is made from vegetable wax. It offers similar performance as paraffin wax emulsions and does not depend on supply issues that usually occur with paraffin waxes. You can find out more on this type of emulsion at www.greenchemcoatings.com

How do you check quality?

We have several tests that our lab performs:

  • particle size
  • color
  • solids
  • Ph
  • Specific gravity
  • Double filter

What products do you make and what are they used for?

AW-60 is a water-based paraffin wax emulsion with a solid content of 58-60%. This wax emulsion is used as a water repellent and lubricating compound in the OSB and MDF production. It is also used as a dust reduction or binding compound when the OSB and MDF boards are cut and sanded.

AW-60 is also used to make edge sealer. Edge sealer is the colored paint applied to the ends of OSB and MDF boards, used for water repellent. AW-60 is also used as a fabric finisher in the textile industry, added to fabrics to produce desired characteristics such as wrinkle or moisture resistance. It also provides lubrication to the equipment and fabric, and resists penetration of other liquids.

AW-35 LG is a carnauba, or water-based, wax emulsion used in mold release products. It is also used in inks and coatings to provide water resistance and improve slip, scratch, and abrasion resistance. AW-35 can also be used in other applications and products.

AW-50 is the same paraffin wax emulsion as AW-60, but with a lower solid content of 48-50%.

We also offer a soy wax emulsion for paper and corrugated box coatings. AW-100SB provides water repellency and is easily removed from the board, providing a green alternative to paraffin that is repulpable.

What are microcrystalline wax emulsions and what are they used for?

Microcrystalline wax emulsions are more viscous and thicker, stickier, and more elastic than paraffins, typically with a lower oil content. These emulsions can be mixed with paraffin wax emulsions, and are good products to use in the latex industry, for such applications as carpet backing. These wax emulsions are also good for rubber products and mold releases.

Why should I buy from A&W?

Because of our efficiency & SE location, we don’t have the huge overhead of a large national or international company. We are able to save our customers money because of our business size. Also, we use the same raw materials as the much larger companies. A&W’s equipment is highly specialized, and the only difference between us and the bigger companies is that we built the production plant ourselves and saved millions of dollars. Our location is also ideal, as it is in the heart of the wood, textile, and paper industries. We also source only the highest quality of wax from domestic sources. Other company provide a mix of waxes, some imported from overseas and some that is cast-off supply from candle manufacturers. The result is inconsistent quality and performance.