Improving Performance with Quality Emulsions

Wax emulsions have been used for decades to enhance the surface quality of inks and coatings, protect wood and composite products from water, make paper and corrugated board tougher, aid with concrete curing, inhibit dust, and provide high quality lubrication. The list of application for wax emulsions is virtually endless.

For over 20 years A & W Products has been developing paraffin wax emulsions and specialty emulsions for a wide range of industries.Many of our formulations will work “as is” to impart the characteristics needed in a large number of applications. We also have the expertise and resources to design a formula that works with customer specific applications. Our chemists have authored patents and have won awards for their work in emulsion technology.

In addition to our numerous paraffin-based products, we offer carnauba wax emulsions, silicone/paraffin co-emulsions, and paraffin/polyethylene blends.

Processing Wax Emulsions

Paraffin wax is derived from crude oil derivatives that are purified and refined. The result is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic, odor-free product. To convert this wax into an emulsion, it is combined with surfactants, stabilizers and other ingredients to form a stable mixture that won’t separate and can be used as an additive or an end-use product. These emulsions can be created by mixing (called a dispersion) or by homogenization, where the ingredients are processed through homogenizers until they form an aqueous solution. The effect is similar to shaking a bottle of Italian dressing, whereas the oils and spices combine to form a well-mixed solution. A & W processes our emulsions via homogenization systems. The result is homogeneous incorporation with other ingredients of the formulation, maximizing particle size and other important physical properties of the emulsion.

Take a look through our product portfolio to find a product that works with your application, or contact us to discuss your needs. We have formulation chemists that can help with new product development to assure you get the performance you need from our product and yours.

For more information about formulation with wax emulsions, check out this excellent article on SpecialChem.